Everything You Need to Know about Office 2019

The release of Microsoft Office 2019 is rapidly approaching, and we and our fellow Microsoft Partners are getting ready for the big day.

We touched upon the Office 2019 Preview back in April, but now that the full release is close, what can we expect to see with the latest release; and at what kind of price point? Here’s what we know:


PowerPoint 2019
PowerPoint 2019

  • Advanced presentation features: Microsoft plans to incorporate more advanced presentation features in Office 2019. These include enhanced Morph and Zoom capabilities to help create a more sophisticated and dynamic presentation.
  • More powerful data analysis: Customers can expect more powerful features, like new formulas, funnel charts and 2D maps, the ability to publish from Excel to Power BI, and enhancements for PowerPivot and PowerQuery.
  • Improved inking features:Office 2019 will introduce all-new inking capabilities across all apps such as pressure sensitivity, tilt effects that adjust the ink’s thickness depending on the angle of the pen, and a roaming pencil case, which allows users to store and organize their favorite pens, pencils, and highlighters to roam with them across their different devices.
  • Easier email management: Several new features to take some of the hassle and headaches out of email management will be available like, updated contact cards, Office 365 Groups, @mentions, focused inbox, and travel package cards.

October Pricing Changes

Microsoft has also announced some pricing changes to Office 2019, as well as some of their productivity server lines including Windows Server 2019, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, and Project Server. Office 2019 commercial prices will increase 10 percent over current on-premises pricing. The price increase will include also include Office client, Enterprise CAL, and Core CAL. Microsoft has informed users that they will be:

  • Establishing a single, consistent starting price across all programs aligned to web direct for online services (OLS)
  • Removing the programmatic volume discounts (Level A and Open Level C) in Enterprise Agreement (EA)/EA Subscription, MPSA, Select/ Select Plus, and Open programs (Open, Open Value, Open Value Subscription)
  • Aligning government pricing for on-premises and online services to the lowest commercial price in EA/EAS, MPSA, Select Plus, and Open Programs
  • Delivering a newly designed Customer Price Sheet that better outlines how a customer’s price was derived (direct EA/EAS only)

IT Value

Click-to-Run (C2R), introduced in Office 2013, is now used to deploy and update Office across hundreds of millions of devices worldwide. With Office 2019, Microsoft is moving the perpetual versions of Office to C2R exclusively, in order for IT to take advantage of modern deployment technology, reduce costs, and improve security. C2R will have predictable monthly security updates, up-to-date apps on installation, reduced network consumption through Windows 10 download optimization technology, and an easy upgrade path to Office 365 ProPlus.

Overall, Office 2019 will be the perpetual equivalent of Office 365, designed for those still reluctant to make the switch to a cloud-based platform. Corporate customers interested in taking advantage of this preview period can learn more with this guide from Computerworld, or from the FAQ on the Microsoft Support site.

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