Video Meetup - Windows Server 2019

Microsoft’s licensing is always evolving and looking to provide the best user experience possible. However, this isn’t always a seamless process, as new releases can have issues from compatibility to stability.

Recently, our experts partnered up with Spiceworks to discuss the brand new Microsoft Windows Server 2019. From top to bottom, our team went into detail about Windows Server 2019 and its features. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Breaking down licensing changes: from CPU to Core model, CAL licensing, RDS licensing.
  • Virtualization and its impact on licensing (benefits of cost and environment).
  • Utilizing additional features such as Software Assurance to keep environments up to date.
  • Cost-effectiveness of newer environments and advantages of upgrading.

Looking to upgrade your current environment or learn the ins and outs of licensing?

Strong knowledge coupled with high tier service from our team will ensure a correct evaluation. From migrations to fresh installs, we deliver a complete solution regardless of your licensing scenario. Furthermore, take a look at our visual PDF to learn more about Windows Server.

When is it better to go User CAL vs Device CAL? How does licensing the server based on cores work? Ultimately, will it be too expensive to upgrade your environment?

Join us as we debunk all of the common misconceptions with Windows Server 2019:

Still a bit confused?

Not a problem, we understand that licensing can get confusing, and making sense of it gets difficult.

In spite of these challenges, Trusted Tech Team will continue to assist in crafting the correct solution for your environment. Our licensing specialists want to help figure out the best solution for all cases, big or small. In addition to managing cost, we explain the trade-offs for each unique environment to ensure the best solution possible.

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