6 Tips to help you secure Windows 7 in a Windows 10 world

We recently announced the Windows 7 End of Life (EOL), which has been active since January 14, 2020. If you have not yet upgraded to Windows 10, we recommend the following security measures to patch and protect your system against advanced malicious software (malware) threats.

Purchase and install Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs).

Use Microsoft Edge versus Internet Explorer (IE)

  • Most malware travels across the internet via browser vulnerabilities. Though Microsoft has continued security updates for IE 11, using it on Windows 7 puts you at higher risk for intrusion. However, if you upgrade to Windows 10, IE 11 will always be supported.

Microsoft IE

Utilize supportive software

  • Be certain that the software you still use supports Windows 7. For example, Office 2007 no longer has support versus Office 2010, which still receives security updates until October 2020. Unethical hackers tend to target Java, Flash and Adobe Reader; so best to keep those updated as well.

Keep your antivirus solution current

  • Microsoft Security Essentials and free antivirus solutions for Windows 7 no longer receive security updates, so be certain that your third-party antivirus application is fully activated and up-to-date.

Minimize Internet and WiFi usage

  • If your current task does not require a web connection, disconnect your computer from the internet to deflect intrusions. Be certain to disable your WiFi or unplug your ethernet cable to ensure your system is properly disconnected.

Avoid using Administrator accounts

  • If your standard account is hacked, only that account will be affected versus an entire network; so limit your Administrator account usage to essential cases (e.g., installing/updating software), otherwise maintain standard account usage.

Following these tips will keep your Windows 7 operating system secure until you are ready to migrate to Windows 10. If you have lingering questions regarding security, migration and licensing, contact a Trusted Tech Team member today!


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