VMware – Technical Force For Good

“…it’s about connecting what we do in the business to a larger mission of creating global impact…”

- Nicola Acutt, VP of Sustainability

Guiding Principles

VMware develops cloud computing software dedicated to the proliferation of IT systems via enterprise virtualization. The company is notorious for its ethical and moral principles, dedication to human service, and sense of global citizenship.

VMware operates in a manner that encourages customers to freely be themselves. By fostering an accepting cultural environment, the company partners with customers in pursuit of novel solutions to traditional tech problems. VMware engineers eliminate conceptual constraints, which emboldens customers to openly innovate, build digital capacity, and rapidly scale beyond their initial projections.

Developmental Solutions

VMware is a community of global changemakers and local ambassadors. The team offers a developmental framework and customer-centric approach toward solving multisystemic dilemmas. This methodology accentuates the fact that virtualization is a single component of a vast solution system. The VMware talent pool and processes therein guarantee success for all stakeholders invested in the company’s evolution.

Tech Pro Bono
Tech Pro Bono

Discovery Assessment

VMware offers techniques that help you create and secure collaborative infrastructures. The company helps you discover, develop and implement IT pathways toward the extension of your organizational lifeline. In the process, VMware equips you to pioneer concepts that unravel complex challenges you may face within your environment. The discovery assessment is paramount to the identification and definition of relative issues and objectives prior to solution implementation:

VMware Discovery Assessment
VMware Discovery Assessment

Sustainable Impact

By the early 2000s, VMware had revolutionized the IT world with its virtualization software. Today the company has widely harmonized CPU, memory capacity, and utilization while containing and reducing server sprawl throughout larger entities.

Datacenter expansion and server deployment has significantly decreased while utilization rates have favorably increased. By reducing infrastructural power consumption and its associated CO₂ emissions, VMware has catapulted the Green IT movement to new levels.

In 2015, VMware concretized its long-standing globalist philosophy with a Global Impact Report. Strategically, the company seeks to create transformative products that help our planet and people thrive. VMware’s prismatic roadmap toward socio-environmental empowerment is central to the proliferation of contemporary green business worldwide.

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