Inside Veeam’s Intelligent Future

(Veeam technology) is about acceleration, but it’s also about adaptation. It’s about accelerating our leadership by adapting to the needs of the modern digital business. And by that, I mean Cloud Data Management.

- Ratmir Timashev, Veeam co-founder

Intelligent Data

Veeam’s global ecosystem includes 60,000 channel partners/exclusive resellers and over 350,000 customers. Their recent cloud data management (CDM) report surveyed 1,500+ IT decision makers (ITDMs).

The report found that 44% believe CDM is critical to their future success. Collectively, ITDMs plan to spend $40M+ on deployment technologies to advance cloud data-driven solutions. 73% have either deployed or intend to deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) within the next year. 8% of ITDMs have already deployed big data and analytics or plan to do so within the next year. Upon deployment, most project improved operations within 7 months and significant financial gains within 9 months.

VeeamON 2018
VeeamON 2018

Intelligent Edge

The intelligent cloud will become the “great equalizer” amongst businesses of every size and type. It provides an intelligent edge for businesses to level the technological playing field and gain access to valuable digital resources.

According to the report, 52% of ITDMs believe company cultures are becoming more AI/ML and data-driven, while 59% think adaptive cultures must treat digital technology as a fellow “co-worker”. However, most ITDMs consider employee adaptation to be the primary obstacle toward achieving an AI/ML and data-driven culture. 47% contend their company must practice a culture of lifelong learning to overcome this challenge.

Intelligent Transformation (IX)

IX occurs when the 4 Elements of TechCloud, Mobile, AI/ML, and IoT/Edge – are successfully integrated. However, achieving IX is impossible without accurate data delivered in a consistent manner. Data accuracy is dependent upon data protection evolved from “reactive data” recovery to “proactive” data availability.

In effect, Veeam promotes virtual infrastructure (VI) and data protection as the “bookends” of IX. Therefore, it is pertinent that ITDMs procure complementary VI and data protection products (e.g., VMware & Veeam). Since 2.5 quintillion bytes (2500 petabyte/2.5 exabyte) of data is generated daily, strategic CDM is beyond necessary. With a projected market value of $15B by 2020, CDM is a futurist sector with an unlimited trajectory.

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