SQL Server 2019 – Big Data is (still) Coming

As the data we see in front of us grows every day, we constantly try to find new ways to tackle it. Microsoft is bringing the latest iteration of SQL Server to the table to help us with that. The inevitable question then arises – “What can this version do that the last one didn’t, and is it worth it?”

Managing and understanding Big Data has become a primary focal point for nearly every major player in the world. Consequently, new additions to SQL Server 2019 help manage and interpret complex data sets that will help us make better critical decisions. An article written by Redmond magazine describes some of features that contribute to Big Data management.

Features and Improvements

Virtualizing data from various sources such as Oracle, HDFS, Teradata, MangoDB, or traditional SQL Relational Databases in a unified view creates an even more seamless user experience. As a result, reading data and knowing what to do with that data becomes easier for everyone.

SQL Server 2019 not only provides the ability to read different data sources, but to process them efficiently as well. Scalar function lining (referred to in the Redmond article) helps improve functionality within processing queries. This feature splits step-by-step, row-by-row queries into subqueries that are used to calculate the main query. As shown in the example, a complex query went from a 15 second traditional calculation to 900 milliseconds. That is a colossal improvement, if I do say so myself.

Tried and true through every new version of SQL is the improvements to security, so why would 2019 be any different? Extensions to intelligent query processing among other features have been implemented to support GDPR compliance and keep data secure.

Improvements to real-time analytics and the ability to visualize your data make SQL Server 2019 a beast to be reckoned with. Download Microsoft’s datasheet here to have a further look into more of the things that the upcoming SQL Server 2019 can do for your environment.

Top 10 reasons for SQL Server 2019
Top 10 reasons for SQL Server 2019

Our Thoughts

What does Trusted Tech Team think of the upcoming 2019 edition of Microsoft’s SQL Server?

We believe although there are a lot of perceived “marginal” upgrades to the platform, it still provides some big improvements. Take control of your data with Intelligent Query Processing and Scalar Function In-lining.

We believe having the best toolkit at your disposal is one of the most important things to have. Data will only get more complex as we move forward, and why not focus on the essentials? At the end of the day, it’s your data and you should have every option to get the most out of it. As soon as SQL Server 2019 launches, we at Trusted Tech Team will be here for you.

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