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Tips for a Hassle-Free Migration to Exchange Online

Many users have been historically hesitant on moving to cloud hosted, subscription based services. Seemingly, Office 365 (O365) has trickled past the thought of being an undesired software solution.

Many businesses have found services that fill their niche, and have since adopted O365 with open arms. However, the idea of having cloud software can still seem daunting to some. Microsoft has plans to relinquish the once boycotted concept that is cloud computing.

Not sure where to start? Luckily, our experts have the answers to help you get up and running with little to no fuss.

Join our team and special guest/avid hat-wearer from the Spiceworks community, Brandon (AKA dimforest), in our third video meetup to find out more. Throughout the video, we discuss the path to preparedness and options for migrating, along with some of the benefits of deploying a hosted environment.

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If you have any questions about Exchange Online, contact us today for a free consultation. Our Licensing Engineers will help you maximize the value of your software subscriptions, and provide the lowest costs in the market.

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