Top Features of Quickbooks 2019

With the latest release of Intuit Quickbooks 2019 now available, we’ve compiled all of the newest features of the software. Some of the most user-requested improvements have been added, helping clients get more done and improving reliability.

New for Quickbooks 2019

  • Sick & Vacation Time: Tracking employee sick time is more reliable, with available warnings when an employee has used too much.
  • Inventory Enhancement: Now if you try to mark an inventory item inactive but it still has a value or a quantity, you will get an error message. There is also a new feature in the Inventory Valuation Summary report that shows you the items you have inactivated.
  • Invoice Tracker Improvements:

    • Consolidated snapshot: Instead of going to multiple screens, you can now click the history for one snapshot.
    • Track status of emailed invoice: Know when the invoice is viewed so you can follow up accordingly.
  • Check to Pay Bill: This works when a client writes checks and bypasses the pay bill part of QuickBooks. This feature solves the issue of double expensing by using checks and bills for the same expense.
  • Easier to move QuickBooks to a Different Computer.
  • Backup your Data File using the feature: Intuit DATA PROTECT
  • Enhanced IIF Import: No need to manually check IIF imports manually, there will be a report that lists any failures.

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Premier features

The following features are available in the Premier and above version of QuickBooks, but not the Pro version:

  • Sales Orders: Sales Orders are used to create an internal control of approved orders or approved estimates, but do not post into sales. A key element of the sales order is the backorder. A backorder is a way to reserve or the inventory if it is in stock or commit it so when it gets received.
  • Creating purchase orders straight from estimates or sales orders: This allows the user to use the item information already found on a “pre-sale” worksheet such as an estimate and sales order to create a purchase order using the preferred vendors assigned to the items.
  • Inventory Center: A center dedicated to help the user quickly analyze or identify all transactions that involve a particular inventory item.
  • Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet: A module that allows the user to preview all fulfillable sales orders based on inventory quantities and can batch print pick tickets and/or packing slips.
  • QuickBooks Business Planner: A simple tool that can create very comprehensive Business Plans and can take the data straight from your QuickBooks file to reduce data entry of financial data.
  • Industry-Specific Reports: Available for Contractor, Manufacturing and Wholesale, Professional Services, Retail, and Non-Profit industries.
  • Per item Price Levels: Allow users to set custom prices for items that are associated with different customers or jobs.
  • Batch Invoicing: create an invoice you want to send to multiple or even all customers with the same items in a single batch. Customers can be grouped into Billing Groups.

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