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Peaker Services, Inc.

“Every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn. The minute you stop learning in this profession, you might as well go home.”

IT Meets Industry

There’s no doubt that technology plays a huge role in business today, especially with tech startups and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) popping up all over the country. Even non-tech industries are branching out into the cloud and making investments into better hardware and software to prepare themselves for the workplace of the future.

Interconnectivity in the workplace is crucial, but what goes on in the industries you don’t expect to be tech-savvy? One IT pro shares insight on what it is like to implement technology solutions for an industrially-focused business:

“We rebuild large diesel engines for locomotives, steamships, and power generation; as well as develop and install control systems for those engines along with large steam and gas turbine power generation systems.”

- Mark Seaver, IT Systems Manager

Peaker Services, Inc. began in a small garage in Belleville, Michigan to maintain EMD diesel generators or “peakers.” Today, the company spans across multiple states and provides services all over the country. But don’t let the mechanical nature of the business fool you, as technology still plays a large role in this company.

“Staying on top of the latest trends in technology is one of the most important aspects of my job,” says Seaver. “Making sure that we are using not necessarily the latest, but the best technology that answers our needs is crucial.”

Seaver purchases, installs, and maintains all the desktop, laptop, and server systems for over 70 employees. “I also take care of purchasing and upgrading all the employee cell phones and mobile devices.” He is currently working to upgrade the workspace by re-cabling the copper network at the Peaker headquarters.

Beyond ensuring systems work properly and managing tech, Peaker Services is working to keep up with changes within their own industry.

“With emissions standards changing and new fuel systems being presented to the market, it’s difficult at times to evaluate which new fuel systems will be sustainable as a future business model,” explains Seaver. “The railroads are going through this with new dual-fuel (diesel and natural gas) engines being tested, especially in Europe.”

To work within these standards, Peaker Services recently purchased a company that specializes in dual-fuel development for these engines. “They have been in business for almost 20 years, so they have a great depth of experience and have systems running in locomotives in South and Central America, as well as Africa and Europe.”

The commitment to quality and experience is what sets Peaker Services apart from similar competitors. “We are responsive to our customer’s needs,” says Seaver. “We’ve been in business since 1971, pretty much doing the same type of work, as well as expanding on that work to bring new services to our customers.”

The importance of tech and IT spans across all industries, as more and more businesses realize the importance of adapting to a rapidly changing world. “One of the reasons I love doing IT is that no two days are the same,” says Seaver. “Every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn. The minute you stop learning in this profession, you might as well go home.”

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