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“Time is what you make of it, and you have to make the time for the goals you set in life.”

Time is Money

Loss of productivity can be the killer of any business, and while the average IT provider can help improve efficiency, we know too well that not all providers are created equal.

So how do you turn the average IT support company into a well-oiled machine? By investing in the client’s most valuable resource: TIME.

This is the concept that Mayfield IT built their company values upon. The independent IT service, support, and consulting company is based in Lexington, KY, and provides all technology needs for small and medium-sized businesses.

“We understand if our clients aren’t working efficiently, they are losing time; which directly relates to losing money,” explains President and Co-founder, Craig Mayfield. “Time is Money. Essentially, routers, switches, computers, servers, phones, tablets are all printing presses that print money. I always tell our employees, ‘don’t stop the printing press from printing money.’”

Mayfield IT takes that mantra to heart by preventing loss and restoring functionality as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. The company provides wiring infrastructure, networking Infrastructure, server and desktop roll-outs and support, AD/GPO implantation, site-to-site VPNs, email support, email migrations, offsite backup, and more. In addition, they offer both service-level agreements (SLA) and managed services.

With all the services Mayfield IT provides, it’s important that they distinguish themselves from the competition. “If one of our clients isn’t able to work because of an IT-related problem, that means it is an issue with efficiency,” says Mayfield. The company assesses these issues and responds accordingly, all while keeping organization and documentation in mind.

“Nothing is worse than not having documentation of an IP address, printer location, user account, VLAN setup…. the list goes on and on,” states Mayfield. “We document all our clients the same way. We always know where to find the information we are looking for, no matter the client.” In turn, doing business with efficient distributors and resellers plays an important role in the services they provide.

“As tech owners, we all have been there,” says Mayfield. “We Google for software and find prices that are too good to be true. We’ve probably all been burned on it once and learn our lesson. So we are grateful for our Trusted Tech Team account manager, Arya, who has given us great software, great pricing, and above all, great service.”

Mayfield IT also brings a personal touch to the services they provide.

“Finding the right tech is quite challenging. When hiring, we often look past all the certifications and corporate experience because our IT techs interact with non-technical people,” says Mayfield. “We never talk down to our clients, belittle them, or make them feel inferior. Doing so would be detrimental to our core values.”

This solid connection with their clients brings a much-needed human element to the business that goes above and beyond service. “We go the extra mile for our clients because we want them to grow and remain profitable,” Mayfield says. “If our clients are profitable, we are profitable.”

Mayfield is a wearer of many hats, and that directly correlates to the way Mayfield IT is run. “I am husband, a father of four, a soccer coach, a performing musician, a business owner, a farmer, and an IT tech at heart,” he says. “Time is what you make of it, and you have to make the time for the goals you set in life.”

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