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“We make sure we know the latest technology and platforms, and we give the most optimized protection, security, and training for our clients in order to retain a sustainable IT department.”

Unique Solutions, Broad Expertise

IT solutions are usually too straightforward. Ask for a service and, once it is provided, you don’t hear from the provider until something goes wrong. This approach to IT solutions is all too common, so it is vital for companies today to differentiate from this poor strategy.

Enter TechHeights: an IT consulting company that offers unique solutions based on a broad range of expertise. The team focuses on values such as engagement and partnership with clients, ensuring that someone is there throughout the entirety of the process in building and sustaining an IT department. This level of customer care is what makes TechHeights a leader in IT consulting.

TechHeights goes beyond simply consulting, rather, they become the IT department for their clients. The team works to understand how the client wants their business to operate and takes care of everything from infrastructure, to web and cloud services, as well as IT strategies that help businesses continue to grow. “Being on top of our game is so vital to our customer service,” explains Shuchipan Sharma, co-Owner and Principal CEO.

At the inception of TechHeights, Sharma and co-Owner Mike Monaco realized that there was a definitive struggle for IT consultants to not only set-up a new IT department, but to leverage infrastructure with security and ease in mind. Monaco brings in the operational side of the company, focusing on user-based needs, while Sharma adds application and technical understanding to the mix. This combination resulted in a comprehensive IT service that has been building quality relationships since 2007.

“We make sure we know the latest technology and platforms, and we give the most optimized protection, security, and training for our clients in order to retain a sustainable IT department,” says Sharma. Having the right tools, therefore, is crucial to TechHeights’ success with their client base, which consists of small to mid-sized companies.

“You would be surprised at how common it can be to come across vendors who do not know much about the licenses they are selling,” explains Sharma. “Many do not have knowledge about all of the requirements, and you have to spend time waiting to get in touch with a specialist to get questions answered. Trusted Tech Team provides information within minutes, and that gives us better response time with our clients.”

This ability to cut out the leg-work saves the TechHeights team time and energy that they can then focus on organically growing their clientele’s businesses. “Even though we are considered a relatively small business, we inspire to build long-lasting relationships with our clientele on a business level,” says Sharma. “Partnerships like these ensure that our customers will be successful and experience growth beyond our services. We give skills that benefit companies in many ways.”

Some of the services TechHeights provides include design and implementation of network solutions including Router, Switch and Firewall Configuration, Wifi implementation, Office 365 migration, Private Cloud Services, and ongoing maintenance on current IT setup.

This only scratches the surface of what the TechHeights team is capable of. “Technology solutions change from business to business,” adds Sharma. “We balance a business’s needs, costs, and performance. In the end, every business is unique, therefore the solutions and services we offer must match the individuality of the client.”

When it comes to future plans, TechHeights is working toward huge growth within their client base. “Our priority is to take care of our existing clients and participate in the growth of their business,” says Sharma. “Beyond that, we are eager to take on more clients and show them a secure, successful vision of what their IT departments can be.”

Trusted Tech Team is an accredited Microsoft CSP Direct Bill Partner, carrying multiple Solutions Partner designations and the now-legacy Microsoft Gold Partner competency. Based in Irvine, California, we report trends affecting IT pros everywhere.

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