Azure VS Modern Workplace

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re wondering…

What is the difference between Microsoft Azure and Modern Workplace?

Better yet, is there even a difference? 

Having similar cloud solutions, it’s not unusual if many believe Azure and Modern Workplace to be the same service. Yet, understanding the difference between the two applications can help you save money and utilize features you didn’t even know existed! Therefore, depending on your infrastructure needs, choosing the right cloud solution will be more cost-effective - and selecting the right cloud provider will give you technical experts at hand when you need it.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Think of Azure as a collection of powerful and flexible services you can access online, through any device, to build, deploy, and manage applications and services with personalized frameworks. 

For example, you may be looking to create a better user experience for customers worldwide, onboarding developers within hours instead of weeks, or providing a compliant analytics service for your unique industry.

Rather than hosting your applications or data on your own physical servers, Azure enables you to access your resources and services by leveraging Microsoft’s cloud. With Azure, you can get security from the ground up, operate in a hybrid environment seamlessly, and access many other innovative solutions for your business. It offers a wide range of tools, programming languages, and frameworks to help you build, test, and deploy applications efficiently. Since Azure allows you to scale your applications and services as needed, you can start small and grow as your business demands increase. 

Azure’s vast number of resources often causes even the most gifted IT pros to feel overwhelmed and may leave you feeling stuck considering how to begin. We’d recommend planning ahead with a foundational understanding of best practices to reduce costs, automate database backups, and make troubleshooting easier. 

​If you’re looking for further guidance, an IT partner, or need an Azure architect for hands-on projects, contact us, and we’ll make sure we get you in the right hands.

What is Microsoft Modern Workplace Solution?

Microsoft Modern Workplace, also known as Microsoft 365 and Office 365, is a cloud-based service that replaces your traditional on-premises environment giving you access to your files and applications from different devices and locations. As the modern-day version of your traditional Microsoft Office, Modern Workplace enables team members to be more collaborative, productive, and secure with features like:

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) AVD is a Microsoft cloud-based virtualization system enabling users to access their work desktops anywhere - anytime.
Intune Intune is an endpoint management system that simplifies app and device management across different devices with enhanced security to protect access and data on organization-owned and user devices.
Teams Calling Save time, reduce costs, and improve collaboration with Microsoft Teams phone. Teams calling is an all-in-one unified communications and collaboration tool that can be accessed anywhere and across many devices.
Sharepoint Sharepoint is a secure cloud-hosted application to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. Many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to create department-specified websites and use its collaborative feature to share docs and info with colleagues, partners, and customers.
Windows 365 Windows 365 is a Microsoft-hosted cloud computing service for remote power users (think graphic designers and resource-heavy users). Managed by Intune, Windows 365 assigns a Cloud PC (aka Windows virtual machine) to each user and their dedicated device, providing productivity, security, collaboration, and feasibility within Microsoft 365.

Creating a Proactive IT Team Within Budget

Whether you have an internal IT team or an MSP partner to manage your IT infrastructure, you may still need technical help to reach your business goals. A lack of expertise and bandwidth issues are leading causes of security threats, unproductiveness, and high IT expenses.

As a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Solutions Partner, Trusted Tech Team guides your IT team through best practices and technical builds. Our Professional Services team is an additional point of contact for any cases your MSP can’t fulfill. Whether you’re looking for AVD consulting, channel builds, or data migrations, businesses come to us for expert advice and reliable service. No matter your industry, we help you mitigate those headaches by hiring Microsoft Subject Matter Experts with certified roles in Microsoft 365, Azure, and more.

Trusted Tech Team is an accredited Microsoft CSP Direct Bill Partner, carrying multiple Solutions Partner designations and the now-legacy Microsoft Gold Partner competency. Based in Irvine, California, we report trends affecting IT pros everywhere.

If your organization uses Microsoft 365 or Azure, you may be eligible to receive a complimentary savings report from a Trusted Tech Team Licensing Engineer. Click here to schedule a consultation with our team now to learn how much you can save today.

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