Microsoft Aims to Leverage Open AI's GPT-3 to Revolutionize Bing and Overtake Google

Microsoft has always been at the forefront of innovation, and its latest experiment is no exception. The tech giant has reportedly been exploring ways to integrate OpenAI’s language AI technology into its apps, including Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Microsoft is also planning on launching a version of Bing that uses ChatGPT for search queries by March 2023. These integrations bring cutting-edge technology and give Microsoft an advantage against Google in the search engine wars.

Microsoft’s AI-Powered Plans for Bing, Outlook, and Word 

Microsoft already uses AI with Azure, its cloud computing platform. In 2020, Microsoft made a groundbreaking deal to gain exclusive access to the cutting-edge GPT-3 technology and soon followed up by launching Azure OpenAI service - an innovative combination of OpenAI’s models with added security and compliance features in cloud computing. Last year marked another milestone when Microsoft released Dall-E 2 on Azure – revolutionizing how users create custom images using text or image inputs.

The upcoming changes mean that Word will become more accurate as the software predicts words based on the AI’s recommendations. Similarly, Outlook will use AI to organize emails and suggest relevant content when composing new messages - it will likely go a step further into writing emails for the user upon their prompt. Finally, Bing will incorporate AI into its search engine algorithm so that users can interact with it and find precisely what they’re looking for faster. If successful, Microsoft will spearhead the commercialization of OpenAI’s GPT models and put unprecedented pressure on Google.

Google Reacts

Google has been a major player in the search industry for over 20 years, with its business model being highly profitable, accounting for more than eighty percent of Alphabet’s revenue. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet is expected to have a strong response to the threat OpenAI’s ChatGPT poses since it has the potential to provide more accurate research results than Google and, as such, can displace it in the market.

“No company is invincible; all are vulnerable,” said Margaret O’Mara, a professor at the University of Washington. “For companies that have become extraordinarily successful doing one market-defining thing, it is hard to have a second act with something entirely different.”

Google is anticipated to make several A.I. announcements this May, which could either be functional products or an effort to catch up with OpenAI’s technology. This could include new tools such as natural language processing or machine learning algorithms that aim to improve the accuracy and relevancy of searches on their platform. If successful, these tools may help maintain Google’s stronghold on its current market share and restore its competitive edge.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen what exactly these announcements will hold for Google’s future. But whatever they may be, it is clear that Sundar Pichai and his team are beginning to scramble to catch up with the changes impacting search technology and protect their position in the lucrative industry they have come to dominate over the past two decades.

There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s move to incorporate artificial intelligence into its technology has tremendous potential for the company. Not only does this step promise more convenience for the end-user, but it may be what tips the scale for good in favor of Microsoft versus Google.

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