Why Businesses Should be Flocking to the Cloud in 2022

To say that cloud-based computing has changed the landscape of how businesses’ data are managed is an understatement. Cloud computing influences everything from how businesses connect with customers to how employees conduct daily operations, particularly in hybrid and remote work environments.

More and more businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses, are moving their infrastructure to the cloud to reduce overhead, improve scalability, and accommodate virtual desktops for a more flexible work environment. According to Cloudwards, a whopping 94% of all enterprises now use some type of cloud service. By 2025 there will be over 100 zettabytes, or over 100 trillion gigabytes, of data stored in the cloud. In addition to the superb benefits of cost savings and scalability, there are other ways that the cloud has impacted businesses and made them more efficient.

Cloud Computing Allows Companies to Be More Competitive

When a company moves its data to the cloud, they gain an innovative edge. Businesses will be able to redirect their focus to other initiatives and advancements and provide employees with improved collaboration tools that will benefit their overall operations. The cloud allows for secure and easy communication between teams, which improves efficiency and performance. Since all team members can access a project or information from the cloud, it creates an enhanced collaborative environment.

Better Customer Experience

Cloud-based computing not only benefits businesses and employees, but it can also allow for a better overall customer experience. Whereas many customer and business transactions in the past were done face-to-face, today’s companies are now connecting with their customers via self-service portals on smartphones, computers, and other internet-connected devices. Cloud-based computing allows for these virtual transactions to occur.

Disaster Recovery and Security

One of the main reasons many companies hold off on cloud migration is due to security. More than 75% of enterprises consider cloud security a top concern - and since 48% of businesses store some of their most important and classified data on the cloud, this concern is entirely valid. However, cloud usage offers better security and disaster recovery than many may think. Features like multifactor authentication, mobile device management, and built-in user access policies offer an additional layer of security and protection. Since your data are saved in the cloud, information will remain accessible and can be retrieved quickly in the event of a catastrophe.

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