A Sneak Peek at SQL Server 2022: What We Know So Far

SQL Server 2022, Microsoft’s much-anticipated database system, has been the buzz of the tech community since it was announced in the fall of 2021. Along with the traditional features of SQL, the 2022 version of this software will provide additional performance, security, and governance features.

End-to-End Data Platform

SQL Server 2022, which will be available in Standard and Enterprise editions, introduces improvements with Azure integration. Relational and nonrelational data have increased tremendously in the cloud, at the edge, in hybrid environments and on-premises. Unfortunately, this information can be siloed across divisions and geographies. Microsoft’s end-to-end data service and product platform helps cover every deployment location through the use of Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI. Now, users can also organize, find and manage their data through Azure Purview.

Improved Performance: Intelligent Query Processing and Query Store

Query Store is now enabled for all new databases in SQL Server 2022. These implemented updates now resolve issues that relate to the maximum degree of parallelism settings and memory grants. Another performance improvement is Intelligent Query Processing, an optimization feature. According to Peter Carlin, CVP of Azure Database Services, this SQL Server 2022 feature will improve the parameter sensitivity problem by automatically enabling “the generation of multiple active cached plans for a single parameterized statement” and will “accommodate different data sizes based on the provided runtime parameter values.”

An additional feature introduced in SQL Server 2022 is cardinality estimation (CE) feedback, which automatically detects and adjusts to the query plan in the event that workloads lapse. The cardinality estimator improves query execution plans by using feedback cycles, which adds support and enables query hints within the Query Store to improve their performance and provide support for read-only replicas. Improvements to TempDB and Latch have also been addressed, which have been problematic for some SQL Server users. The enhancements made to the Memory Optimized TempDB Metadata and TempDB database are expected to help with the problems users have experienced.

“Blockchain technology is now used in SQL Server Ledger - reducing the risk of security breaches”.

Governance and Security

SQL Server 2022 has enhanced security by including a few new features. SQL Server Ledger has introduced blockchain technology for secure, encrypted connections. This security feature will minimize the risk of a security breach with the creation of a permanent record of changes made to the data or stored procedures. The SQL Server Ledger will also be helpful for external and internal audits. SQL Server 2022 has improved its governance with Azure Purview, which has created better integration with Azure SQL and SQL Server. Purview will automatically provide insight into your SQL Server to better classify data and capture metadata. This governance feature will also allow users to control privileges and access rights from the Azure Purview console.

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