A New Era of Cloud Computing: Microsoft integrates Windows 365 Cloud PCs into Windows 11

Boot straight to your Windows 365 Cloud PC in just one step. - Panos Panay

Microsoft is taking it one step further by integrating cloud-based computers into its newest operating system, Windows 11, combining both the power of the local machine and the potential of the cloud. Windows 365 is a solution that Microsoft introduced recently, which stores all data in the cloud. Microsoft proclaimed the solution as “secure by design”, since it is based on the Zero Trust principle. “Our more than a billion Windows users will benefit from layers of tightly integrated hardware and software protection – including deep partnerships with device and silicon manufacturers to elevate security against multiple attack vectors”, stated Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Windows+ Devices.

On April 5th, 2022, Microsoft announced that it is bringing its cutting-edge Windows 365 to the cloud. This major update will allow Cloud PCs to be operated from anywhere to run either Windows 10 or 11 inside a web browser, making them more accessible for people who work remotely. This move was accompanied by the announcement of three unique features that will make working remotely or through virtual machines more seamless, allowing you greater flexibility when it comes time for your next big project!

Windows 365 Boot

One feature, called “Windows 365 Boot,” is tailored for shared machines. It enables users to log in straight to their cloud PCs upon system boot without needing to log in to the local version of Windows 11 installed on the device. Employees who opt to use their own devices will now have a much smoother experience.

Windows 365 Switch

The second feature, named Windows 365 Switch, will enable users to switch between their local desktops and their cloud-based PC with ease. Users will have the option to use all the known keyboard commands and mouse gestures. This feature adds another layer of flexibility for businesses embracing the rising trend of hybrid work.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Lastly, Microsoft is also planning to bring a Windows 365 offline feature. This feature would enable users to work using their local devices when connectivity is unavailable. When the connection is recovered, the Windows 365 cloud PC will auto-sync with the Windows 365 service, maintaining full data integrity even after an interruption. “These scenarios are powerful for businesses, and they are just the beginning of our Windows and Microsoft cloud integration”, Panos Panay - Microsoft.

These updates provide an important clue about the path that Microsoft is taking. It is still not fully known when these plans will come to fruition – since there is still no release date. That said, if past Microsoft innovations provided any lesson, it would be that we are likely to find ourselves adopting this new technology sooner than we anticipated.

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