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Trusted Tech Team (TTT) was recently featured as a ”Vendor to Watch” by the ChannelPro Network. ChannelPro’s Managing Editor, Colleen Frye, caught up with TTT President Julian Hamood to delve deeper into our commercial business model and future trajectory:

Rather than cast a wide net, specialty distributor Trusted Tech Team aims to offer deep knowledge and personalized service around a narrow lineup of products, according to Julian Hamood, president of the Irvine, Calif., company.

Trusted Tech Team’s value add is enabling MSPs to “get the answers that they need as soon as possible,” Hamood says, while also increasing their margin.

Founded in 2016 and initially focused on the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, Trusted Tech today primarily licenses Microsoft, VMware, and Veeam products. This year the distributor is expanding its offerings to security. “Cybersecurity is, [and] continues to be a point of conversation, especially with MSPs and how they are able to attain profitability on cybersecurity lines, as well as be able to pitch it to their end users now in a way that’s consumable,” Hamood says


The distributor recently rolled Webroot onto its line card and says it is now one of the security vendor’s primary distributors on the West Coast.

Once Trusted Tech Team adds a product to its portfolio, the distributor has engineers available to MSPs who are specialists in that technology. This personalized experience with deep expertise is a differentiator, Hamood says, and why the distributor is “really selective with the [products] we bring on board.”

“It takes six to 12 months to onboard a product,” he continues. For the immediate future the distributor will focus on rolling out Webroot to customers rather than adding more products. “As of now, we’re going to hold, ensur[ing] that we can get Webroot up to a point where our MSPs are actually really benefiting from that line,” Hamood says.

Trusted Tech Team currently works with more than 1,700 MSPs and is onboarding 15 to 20 new ones a day, according to Hamood, who expects upwards of 2,500 new MSPs by year-end.

* Originally published in ChannelProNetwork

Trusted Tech Team is an accredited Microsoft CSP Direct Bill Partner, carrying multiple Solutions Partner designations and the now-legacy Microsoft Gold Partner competency. Based in Irvine, California, we report trends affecting IT pros everywhere.

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