Azure Active Directory Premium P1 is Coming to Microsoft 365 Business

Azure Active Directory Premium P1 for Microsoft 365 Business

Studies have shown that more than 73% of all business departments will have remote workers by 2028. This evolving work landscape has increased the need for companies to add enhanced security measures to address the risk vectors potentially created by remote work. Microsoft 365 Business, as it is known since April 21, will roll out features within Azure Active Directory Premium P1 that will enable real-world remote work security.

These features include Cloud Application Discovery, Application Proxy and the ability to create dynamic groups as well as password-less authentication. These upgrades will ultimately allow employees to maintain secure access to their company’s applications and files from wherever their workdays take them.

Cloud Application Discovery

Before the addition of Azure Active Directory Premium P1 licensing in Microsoft 365 Business, the bring-your-own-device environment created a gray area about what cloud applications were being used for employee applications.

With Azure Active Directory Premium P1, the Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) is poised to upload, parse and analyze traffic data logs against its catalog of more than 16,000 cloud applications, as well as export data for additional offline analysis with either snapshot or continuous reports. These applications are then ranked and scored based on more than 80 risk vectors to create assessments and reports that are the most meaningful to your business. Set up Cloud Discovery for your team or read the Frequently Asked Questions about this feature first.

A Secure and User-Friendly Application Proxy

The enhanced Application Proxy function offered in Azure Active Directory Premium P1 is easier to implement and more secure than VPNs and reverse proxy solutions. The Application Proxy allows your employees to securely access business-critical applications from anywhere. According to Microsoft, remote users will access on-premises applications the same way they access Office 365 and other SaaS apps integrated with Azure ID. With App Proxy, there is no need to change or update your applications.

In addition, this cost-effective upgrade will allow your workforce to access on-premises (and cloud) applications through an external URL or an internal application portal without the need to change network infrastructure or install additional appliances within your on-premises environment. Learn more about remote access to on-premises applications with Azure Active Directory’s Application Proxy here.

Dynamic Groups

Automate the addition and removal of users from security groups based on their attributes and make the data gathered more meaningful to individual work departments with the Dynamic Groups feature in Azure Active Directory Premium P1. Grant access to groups, assign users to groups, set operator precedence and set rules with complex expressions (e.g. (user.proxyAddresses -any (_ -contains “contoso”)). Learn more about creating or updating a dynamic group in Azure Active Directory.

Password-Free Authentication

Contrary to popular thought, traditional passwords and two-factor authentications don’t guarantee security (likewise for convenience). Azure Active Directory Premium P1 takes the frustration out of multi-factor authentication. Password-less authentication replaces traditional ineffective passwords with something you have (a Windows 10 Device, a phone or a security key) along with something you “are” or something you know (biometric or a PIN gesture).

Because each business is different, Azure Active Directory allows you to three options for password-less authentication: Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft Authenticator app or FIDO2 security keys. Check out additional information about Azure AD’s password-less authentication upgrades here.

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