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SQL 2019 Licensing Made Simple

SQL Server 2019 security and performance features can make your prior database applications seem insignificant and outdated.

During our most recent Video Meetup (VMU), our in-house licensing expert, David Spencer, shared some simple methods to successfully migrate and upgrade SQL from existing deployments. He fully addressed implementation from technological, licensing, and migration perspectives, including:

  • Logical reasons to transition to SQL 2019
  • SQL 2019 licensing features and updates
  • Version upgrade and migration best practices

Some of the more prominent new features in SQL 2019 include Big Data Clusters and Intelligent Query Processing. Importantly, SQL Linux support can eliminate operating system (OS) licensing costs thru open source. David highlighted the importance of maintaining the SQL edition best suited to your needs, whether it be Express, Standard, Enterprise, or Developer.

SQL 2019 Licensing

SQL Server 2019 operates on two licensing models:

  • CALavailable for SQL Standard. Contingent upon user numbers and cost, it’s licensing architecture is akin to a linear equation (y=mx+b).
  • Coreavailable for SQL Standard and Enterprise. Contingent upon licensing processing power, it is based upon the number of cores; and it’s licensure covers unlimited users.

Trusted Tech Team: A Microsoft Gold Partner

Trusted Tech Team is the go-to licensing specialist amongst online VARs (value-added resellers).

We take it a step further by helping you evaluate your environment so you can make informed and cost effective IT purchasing decisions. We are vested in your success and work with you from acquisition to implementation…and beyond.

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