5 New M365 Features That Will Make You An Office Wizard

As we recently announced, most Office 365 applications will soon be renamed to “Microsoft 365”5”. In addition, the new 365 will include several brand new innovative features.


As one of Microsoft’s fastest-growing products (44M+ users), Teams will continue to ascend with a new consumer edition; which, akin to Outlook, allows users to toggle between professional and personal accounts. Teams is sure to stand out due to its Office integration, which positions it as a “one-stop-shop” for project collaboration and execution.


Microsoft Editor is an AI-powered grammar checker available for Word and Outlook in 20 languages. It is also available as a plug-in for Edge and Google Chrome. Editor includes a plagiarism checker, writing style analyses, automated sentence rewrites, and access to inclusive language critiques to eliminate bias.

Microsoft Editor



The Presenter Coach enables private preparation for group or public presentations. It evaluates your pace, pitch, euphemisms, informal speech, and filler word usage. Following each presentation rehearsal, Coach generates a comprehensive report including valuable statistics and improvement suggestions.


The updated Designer improves slides by automatically generating new design concepts. In addition to converting text into timelines, it provides professional slide layout options for over 8,000 images, 175 looping videos, 300 new fonts, and 2,800 new icons.


Money in Excel securely connects your financial institutions to import and synchronize account and transaction information within Excel. Track all your finances in one spreadsheet, customize your workbook, and receive personalized tips. Categorize your spending and build your own Mint. Money in Excel includes over 100+ financial topics for you to aggregate (stock market, geographical data, etc).

Money In Excel


Integrate your personal, school or work calendars to optimize and master your schedules. The new Outlook for Android conveniently summarizes your emails, and reads them out loud to bring your most pertinent communications to life.

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