Azure vs. AWS: Complements & Comparisons

Cloud Security & Development

One of the best ways to enhance a solution’s security posture is to add security to the development lifecycle then embed it within its CI/CD pipelines. In the process, to avoid vulnerabilities, it is best to scan your code prior to deployment.

An excellent tool for meeting this end is the AWS Toolkit for Azure DevOps available in the Visual Studio Marketplace. This toolkit adds tasks to build and release pipelines in Azure DevOps and Azure DevOps Server, which integrate with services like AWS CodeDeploy and AWS Cloud Formation; and run commands via AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell.

Azure DevOps: Build > Test > Release
Azure DevOps: Build > Test > Release

Analyzing the Multicloud Approach

Interestingly, Azure and AWS are complementary AND competitive.

Since each platform independently built its capabilities over time, both offer unique design elements and implementation processes. As a result, many companies employ and integrate BOTH to maximize their options and to leverage their dominance in the cloud services market.

While both platforms possess similar components and capabilities (e.g., both enable Windows AND Linux-based solutions), the relationship between their services is often unclear. In other scenarios, a service may be offered on one platform, but not the other.

Determining The Difference

According to Microsoft, AWS is 5 times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server; and though AWS and other competitors claim to offer similar pricing to the Azure Hybrid Benefit, they actually require you to repurchase your Windows Server & SQL Server licenses.

To calculate your monthly and annual savings for Azure core licensing, please click here.

Making the Comparisons

SSI™ Comparison
SSI™ Comparison

For a comprehensive comparison between AWS and Azure services, please visit this link.

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