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VMware Acquires Bitnami

Growth and development in cloud computing continues to arrive at a rapid pace. Businesses now have multiple layers of cloud computing for infrastructure and use. Consequently, the demands to maintain these multi cloud systems coincide with the growth. As one of the leaders in cloud computing, VMware has sought to improve what it provides to its client base. Together with their new acquisition of Bitnami, they can provide latest versions of validated and highly secure application packages.

Developers can now get working on developing apps in the multi cloud environment effectively thanks to VMware’s efforts. Correspondingly, Bitnami’s impact on VMware services (as seen on VMware’s website) extends to:

  • Delivering VMware Cloud Foundation as a product and service globally—ourselves and via our VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) ecosystem.
  • Enabling customers to adopt native cloud services while helping them with management, security and operations at large scale with CloudHealth.
  • Delivering the Kubernetes capabilities in the infrastructure framework to modernize existing and build new cloud native applications with ease.

What Does It All Mean?

There can be roadblocks to the development from infrastructure or deployment, and Bitnami’s software allows users to easily deploy application packages across multi cloud or hybrid environments. By adding the ability to install multiple application packages, users would be able to get a full installation of WordPress without requiring Apache, MySQL, PHP, and their supporting libraries. It might not mean much for those of us that aren’t developing, but it facilitates a big step for developers and their tasks.

Our Thoughts

To wrap up our thoughts, VMware took a big step to being a more commonly used enterprise level provider for cloud based application solutions. Their services coupled with Bitnami’s wide application catalog will be great for the enterprise world. Both companies had needs and clients that aligned so it was a merger that we feel will work out in the end. Furthermore, take a look at Bitnami’s blog post that explains the benefits of the acquisition for everyone involved. We consider it a big step for VMware and Bitnami not only individually, but collectively as well.


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