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Video Meetup: Office 365 Licensing Demystified

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

Are you one of the many that sticks your tongue out and says “yuck” when you hear Office 365? Is it something that is going to fade away into the abyss of poor licensing options, or is it here to stay? Recently members from our team partnered with the Spiceworks IT community to host a video meet up to discuss Office 365. In this segment, we cover a few different subjects including:

  • Purchasing options for small-midsize business/ enterprise.
  • Navigating the admin portal.
  • Allocating licenses and onboarding new users.
  • Simple and effective ways to manage multiple organizations and clients as a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).

There are more reasons to switch than you may know! Gone are the days to be skeptical of subscription based services. Join us as we help bust the myths and demonstrate some advantages you’ll receive from Office 365.

Julian Hamood, David Spencer, and Spiceworks community member Joe Fabrie discuss the benefits of 365
A quick comparison of features of the Small-midsize business & Enterprise level plans (download a PDF copy)

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