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Constructure Technologies

“Our biggest focus is securing our clients’ networks from ransomware and attacks, providing them the correct firewalls and security infrastructure.”

- Michael Calabria, Constructure Technologies CEO

Technical Origin

Founded in 1998, Melville, New York-based Constructure Technologies is a national data, voice, cybersecurity, and IT network support services provider. According to CEO Mike Calabria, the late 1990s IT market was lacking in “hands-on” customer service provision. In response, he used his engineering background and IT customer experience to “go off on my own and attack the market” with Constructure.

Exchange Carrier

The company sets itself apart from the competition by operating as a multi-tiered CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) company. By providing full carrier services (phone, dial tones, security, firewalls, circuitry, computer, etc.) for all network infrastructure levels, the company further distinguishes by offering “three high tiers of customer service”:

  • Data
  • Voice
  • Cybersecurity

Single Solution

Mike declares that “most IT service companies do not provide full service voice, data, and cybersecurity. In layman’s terms, they’re usually ‘the computer guy’ OR they’re ‘the phone guy’ OR they’re the ‘high-level security guy’…we do all three at the best level.” As a premier “one-stop solutions provider”, Constructure is dedicated to preventing IT customers from having to utilize several vendors to complete a single multi-tiered job.

Service First

For years, Constructure has fulfilled its commitment to “providing our clients with the highest level of security and cybersecurity.” That is why the company offers an in-house, “direct approach” to customer service provision – without international outsourcing. This is particularly beneficial when partnering with Trusted Tech Team to migrate customers accounts to Office 365, which often requires extensive dedication and ongoing attention to detail

For more information about Constructure Technologies, please contact them today; and if you have questions about how Trusted Tech Team can enhance your bottom line, feel free to contact us as well.


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