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“Word of mouth is what has made us who we are, and we want to continue to offer a product and a level of support that produces high recommendations from our existing clients.”

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With any business, automation is crucial to growing effectively. Across all industries, it’s important to have the proper tools and IT to ensure that the technology will help, and not hinder, your business. This is what TM Consulting helps County Governments with.

“We write custom software, specifically for Oklahoma County Government, that mainly handles the financial and accounting side of the county. We especially have a very strong presence in several county treasurers’ offices across the state.”

- Vice President of TM Consulting, John Westrope

You may be wondering, what do county governments need software for? In the all-too-fun world of financing and tax rolls, software is more important than you might think.

What is a Tax Roll?

A tax roll is simply a record of all land parcels located within a given jurisdiction and their owners. The roll is used by tax assessors to determine what property is subject to tax.

Most state and local governments impose a property tax (or millage rate) on real estate and personal property to fund water and sewer improvements, provide law enforcement and fire service, and finance education, road and highway construction, public servants, and other services which benefit the community-at-large.

Why Does It Matter?

Let’s assume that a city has 1,500 residents. About 750 of those residents own property within the city limits, and the total value of the property is $10,000,000. The tax roll lists each piece of property and its tax appraisal.

If the city’s property tax rate is $0.08 per $1,000 of value, then the city should receive about $800,000 in property taxes for the year. These taxes fund the local school, fire and police districts.

Though TM Consulting focuses mainly on local governments in Oklahoma, the work they do is applicable within any state. They provide custom software, IT consulting ranging from networking to security, backup solutions, and pretty much everything related to IT. They not only write great software, but they also offer comprehensive support.

“It is a challenge to manage growth without compromising our quality of service. We are automating as much as we can on the support and user side, so we can be available to our clients and continue to offer quick, comprehensive support when problems arise.”

- John Westrope

As the business continues to grow, TM Consulting is working on adding more county entities at a healthy pace. “We are very unconventional when it comes to marketing,” Westrope says. “Word of mouth is what has made us who we are, and we want to continue to offer a product and a level of support that produces high recommendations from our existing clients.”

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