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Ascension Technologies

“We make sure that our clients fully understand the solutions we provide, instead of giving the standard IT-gibber-jabber.”

Big Value with a Small-Town Feel

It is no longer enough to simply be a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

As the technology market continues to flood, it is important for outsourced IT companies to provide more value to their customers to stand out amongst the competition. It is for this reason that companies, like Ascension Technologies, work to be IT advocates in addition to providing excellent service.

“As a small company, we really push to make our customers feel comfortable when working with us,” explains Senior Engineer Katie Wagner. “We make sure that our clients fully understand the solutions we provide, instead of giving the standard IT gibber-jabber.”

Ascension Technologies provide solutions for office phones and Voiceover IP systems (VoIP), Document Storage and Management, App Design and Development, and more. The 15 plus years of experience their team brings to the table allows them to easily integrate technology into any business environment, and what sets their service apart is the time and dedication given to their customers.

“We are more focused on building relationships with our customers over pushing sales,” says Wagner. “A lot of times we find ourselves cleaning up after IT companies who do not fulfill what the customer desires, simply because they didn’t take the client’s needs and relationship to technology into consideration.”

“One of our biggest strengths lies in VoIP, as we don’t nickel-and-dime customers for full-feature service,” states Wagner. “We are big on saving clients money and presenting a reliable product.”

The Ascension team works to build custom solutions for each individual client. Their technologists understand the importance of delivering true technology solutions and services, which is why clients continue to come back. “We are providing significant value all with a small-town vibe,” Wagner says. “Whether clients are at the local or national level, we make sure we stay consistent.”

Ascension Technologies is always looking to build solid relationships with customers and resellers. For more on the services they provide, contact them at sales@asctech.net.

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