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“It is important to understand the customer’s needs and wants, even if the way they articulate them is different from the language typically used in the IT industry.”

Listening & Applying

With so many Managed Service Providers (MSP) out there, it’s important for companies to set themselves apart from competitors.

CSG Technologies is a leading business support solutions provider, working to break the mold of your average MSP. CSG provides consultation and guidance on IT strategic planning in primary industry areas like architecture and engineering, warehousing and manufacturing, and Insurance.

“We are highly consultative at every level,” explains Project Manager Kazhmere Brower. “We’re always looking for the most efficient solution that actually fits the customer’s work process, and we do a great job of improving our customer’s workflow because of that.”

CSG covers a wide range of services, but their core functions are network design, security and support, and server implementation.

“In addition to customer-owned solutions, we also maintain a robust presence at a data center where we host private, virtual servers for clients and provide hosted exchange solutions,” says Brower. “We do a lot of workstation design and maintenance to support our customers in architecture and engineering as well.”

Many MSPs face the struggle of being pushed toward cloud services, which is not always a one-fits-all solution for clientele.

“A lot of our customers exist in industries that currently aren’t well served by cloud-based products and need something that isn’t just a cookie-cutter solution,” Brower states, “but clients still have expectations set by cloud services like simplistic pricing and quick implementation.”

Being able to predict the needs of a customer is therefore the method CSG uses to best serve them. “We frequently have solutions ready to present to the customer before they even realize that it’s something they need,” says Brower.

So how does CSG take the vast array of services they provide and turn them into deliverable and distinctive products?

By listening to the customer. “IT has a highly particular vocabulary and most customers are focused on other aspects of the business,” explains Brower. “It is important to understand the customer’s needs and wants, even if the way they articulate them is different from the language typically used in IT.”

CSG also utilizes their company culture to stand out amongst the crowd. “I think we do a great job of cross-pollinating ideas, and we end up with better solutions for our customers because of it,” Brower states.

What does the future hold for CSG?

“We always strive to have the customer’s expectations completely fulfilled at the end of a project,” says Brower. “We are pushing to improve our responsiveness, especially during the sales phase of our customer projects.”

CSG continues to stay on top of every individual customer’s needs and, in the end, the results speak for themselves.

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