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ACOM Integrated Solutions

“We can better serve our clients with a staff that genuinely enjoys what they do.”

Whether it is protecting your home or business, security has never been more crucial in today’s technology-driven world. It can be difficult to secure every device, which is why “Integrated Security Solutions” that meet the security needs of any customer, regardless of size, is an excellent way to make sure your business is fully covered.

Enter ACOM Integrated Solutions: a company that brings the latest services, technology, and developments to the security and automation industry; and provides answers to the challenges that face today’s business owners.

ACOM has over 40 years of business experience in the safety and fire protection industry, with an innovative set of products and services to benefit increasingly mobile lifestyles. Their services range from surveillance, access control, fire, telecom, low voltage cabling, network support, theft protection, as well as fully managed IT services.

“We have the unique ability to fulfill any aspect of security, all while being completely in-house,” states Andy Rice, Vice President of Network Solutions. “Many security services that offer this range use third-party hosting, whereas we do not outsource.” This factor sets ACOM apart from competitors, who may not have fully trained professionals to provide customized solutions.

Another one of ACOM’s strength lies in their top-notch staff. “Our people structure our environment,” says Rice. “We create a workspace where our employees feel valued, because that extends to our customers. We can better serve our clients with a staff that genuinely enjoys what they do.”

ACOM also works within local Chambers of Commerce to train members of the community in best-security practices. “Our user education program is an opportunity for us to help build our community’s knowledge about cyber-security, ensuring that they are not only protected, but that they know how to stay that way,” explains Rice.

The company currently provides service across 13 states, working toward availability in all 50. ACOM also plans on moving more of their 20,000 clients toward the cloud to utilize its security benefits.

“Our in-house monitoring facility helps to ensure our customers receive an immediate response, with the highest quality technology out there,” states Rice. “We are a center for full-service security, and being a one source solution makes all the difference.”

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