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Stewart and Son Computer Services

“The effectiveness of consultation and service is just the beginning, because we take the time to train clients to help themselves through technology.”

Competing with large tech companies can be difficult for small businesses, especially when some of the world’s biggest tech giants are right down the street. Despite being close to large-scale companies like Microsoft and Amazon, Stewart and Son Computer Services (S&S) is a small business in Tacoma, Washington that is anything but overshadowed. The IT support company works behind the scenes to keep businesses running smoothly and effectively.

“If it has lights, buttons, or beeps, we take care of it,” says Wade Stewart, managing member of S&S since 2012. “Before this company began, there was a lot of low-par tech support in our area. We thought it was important to bring higher quality service to Tacoma through an IT support company that actually performs.” Since then, S&S has brought in excellent technicians to build long-term relationships with customers as well as provide outstanding service like the large-scale companies they compete with.

In addition to delivering a high level of customer service, S&S brings a deep skill set with services like business technology assessment, managed services, cloud services, business continuity, employee monitoring, email hosting, managed security, data recovery, and more. With such a broad range of services, S&S gives top-tier support for businesses of all sizes in fields like engineering, architecture, law, and accounting.

S&S continues to move beyond the average IT support company by providing their customers and employees with a valuable experience. “Sometimes we find ourselves in the shadow of Seattle when it comes to hiring new talent,” explains Stewart. “However, that doesn’t stop us from bringing in the best technicians out there. We offer flexible work arrangements for our staff, giving them the ability to better serve our clientele.” S&S also has a strong commitment to serving their community through local charities and nonprofits to help others achieve success through the use of technology.

“The effectiveness of consultation and service is just the beginning, because we take the time to train clients to help themselves through technology,” says Wade. “We go beyond your average IT team to really make changes that remain effective, long-term.” S&S hopes to continue growing their staff in order to provide outstanding service to their customers and community. After all, finding fair solutions and giving appropriate guidance to customers is what sets Stewart and Son apart from their competitors.

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