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“The strength of our sales team is the face of the company, so we have to keep customers coming back for more.”

Building Your Ideal Server

Building the perfect server at the right cost can be tricky, if not downright impossible. The process can be lengthy, as researching, finding the right parts, and putting it all together can be daunting for even the savviest server technicians. There is also a high demand for the newest generation of products which can be pricey, yet customers want to avoid steep overhead costs.

So how do you build the ideal server without going crazy? Atlanta Servers and Parts has the answer.

Atlanta Servers and Parts works to make server building a less frustrating process. “Our team works incredibly hard to give customers the greatest value when it comes to a server build,” explains Brooke Hadden, Customer Relations Manager. “Many people get ‘sticker shock’ when they see how much it will cost to build their server, especially with new generation parts.” To help with this process, Atlanta Servers and Parts works to get the absolute best price for customers with the highest quality products out there.

This balance, along with incredible customer service, is what sets Atlanta Servers and Parts apart from their competition. “We care about our customers’ needs,” says Hadden. “Our sales team stays informed to give the best pricing possible, so we can get comparable prices for the majority of our clients.” Their tireless work to give incredible value ensures that customers are not only happy with their end product, but that they continue to come back for more.

“We have a high retention rate because we put in the time,” Hadden says. “We are there through every step of the process from buying and refurbishing parts, to putting everything together and making sure the server is running properly.” The techs and parts managers on the team clean, build, and test every piece of equipment that comes their way to guarantee that your perfect server runs efficiently and will last for years down the line.

As the company continues to grow, Atlanta Servers and Parts has one clear goal in mind. “We’re not a ‘fly by night’ service like Newegg or eBay,” Hadden states. “Though we sell parts on those sites, we are working to move away from those platforms. Having worked exclusively through eBay in the past, I know firsthand that customers may never find exactly what they are looking for.” Atlanta Servers and Parts, therefore, allows custom quotes and has sales reps available to walk clients through every step of the server building process, so that customers get precisely what they want.

“As a company, we aren’t just selling servers; we are selling ourselves,” says Hadden. “The strength of our sales team is the face of the company so we have to keep customers coming back for more.” In the end, Atlanta Servers and Parts, as well as their other subsidiary Save My Server, offer legitimacy and superior customer service, making them a force to be reckoned with.

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