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“We try to give smaller clients a high-tech value.”

Small Fish in a Rapidly-Growing Pond

Small- to mid-sized businesses commonly struggle with certain resources that larger companies already have in place, especially when it comes to IT. Small, understaffed IT departments can often be more of a burden than they are worth. Your small company’s IT department may just be that one guy in the corner trying desperately to fix the world’s problems…or at least the world’s computer problems, but sometimes, one person is not enough.

IT gals and guys in western Michigan can rest easy knowing that for the hardworking employees at EMTech Services, providing simple IT solutions for all branches of the IT spectrum is what they do best. From peer-to-peer networks to private cloud platforms, EMTech provides small businesses with service networks that will benefit them most.

Here, the “one-size-fits-all,” mantra does not apply, as EMTech works to provide solutions that are custom-designed for the client and no one else. “We try to give smaller clients a high-tech value,” says EMTech owner and President, Ellis Meschke.

Though EMTech is a small IT company, they have no problem providing the service of a large-scale IT team. The company prides itself on taking care of day-to-day computer problems, from licensing fixes, PC repair, and network setup, all with the quality of a large IT solutions company without the overhead cost.

For EMTech, it is important that the level of customer service can compete with larger competitors, and they have succeeded in that for over 13 years. “I’ve been fixing computers since I was 12,” says Meschke. “Though I didn’t expect to be in this field or even start my own business, it seems to have all worked out.”

The experience Meschke brings to the table helps EMTech keep up with larger competitors, which is crucial in the rapidly growing, technology-driven economy. Businesses of all sizes are experiencing tremendous growth as technology continues to shift. Advances in AI and cloud technologies, as well as the decreasing cost of computing power, are just a few ways of how technology is influencing the way companies do business. Therefore, standing out in the crowd is exactly what EMTech does to stay ahead.

Though this transition into a more digital economy is nothing new, small companies are preparing themselves for this continual shift. “Everyone wants to be connected,” explains Meschke. “Whether it’s through the cloud, routing via firewalls, or enhancing remote capabilities, our customers want to be at the office while they are away from the office. We are here to help keep clients connected through technology.”

EMTech embraces the shift toward a computer-driven world and is prepared to continue serving clients in this ever-shifting industry. “We are trying to keep up and be on top of what happens next,” Meschke states. EMTech Services has been successful in this and will continue to provide outstanding customer service to other small and medium-sized businesses.

Future business owners will depend on technology to run their companies, and as technology continues to fuel growth, IT solution teams like EMTech are waiting in the wings to give all the support they can.

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