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Microsoft Office 2007 Support End of Life

Are you still using MS Office 2007?

Microsoft has announced that support for the beloved and widely used Office suite is ending on October 10, 2017. What does this mean? Well, as with all Microsoft end of life products, this will propose the termination of bug fixes and updates for security. This does not make the software unusable, however, you will be proceeding at your own risk.

What options are available?

Fear not! There are many alternative solutions that are still available to upgrade to.

Office 2010:

If you are looking for a similar user interface to Office 2007, Office 2010 is right up your alley. This version of Office will still be supported by Microsoft for the next 3 years, and is still considered by many to be the most optimized and usable revision of Office to this day. Some new or improved features of Office 2010 include:

■ New picture formatting tools

■ Broadcast Powerpoint presentations on the web

■ Import contacts to Outlook from social networks like Facebook or LinkedIN

■ Powerpivot addin to allow analysis of large volumes of data from SQL

■ Web based databases with Access

Office 2013 / 2016:

With an updated aesthetic and integrated cloud storage solution, Office 2013 and 2016 offer a clean and innovative experience to anyone from home users to powerhouse enterprises. Some new features are listed below:

■ Ability to insert audio and video from an online source into Word

■ Enhanced touch capability to work with mobile devices and tablets

■ New visualization for schedule in Outlook

■ Support for and mail clients

■ Online collaboration in real-time (exclusive for 2016)

■ Big emphasis on Microsoft OneDrive (cloud) storage

Office 365:

Need to always have the latest releases of Microsoft Office? The Office 365 solution will give you just that. Sold as a subscription service (per month/ per year), Office 365 will keep you up to date with any new revisions or updates to your Office software. There are single install options as well as versions that support up to 5 devices. Here are some advantages for going with Office 365:

■ Option to install the latest versions of Office

■ Preferred support with Microsoft

■ Transferable licensing

■ Multi-install ability (with Home or Business versions only)

■ Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems

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